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As the backbone of the U.S. economy, small and medium-sized businesses are more important than ever. Yet, for most of them, finding the liquidity to keep commerce moving has become harder than ever.

CapFlow Funding is a nationwide lender and factor to small businesses. We understand that the value of many of these companies can't be found on the balance sheets as much as it can in the management and potential. At CapFlow we take the time to personally meet all of our clients, build a professional relationship, and get a full understanding of their liquidity needs and unique funding challenges.

Equipped with this knowledge, CapFlow provides a broad range of working capital solutions to our clients based on a simple, straight-forward philosophy – only extend credit if the story makes sense.

In today's world, it takes a diversified client base for us all to succeed. And a diversified client base has diverse funding needs. CapFlow offers a wide selection of funding products including factoring, accounts receivables and inventory financing, purchase order funding as well as other asset-based lending solutions. Contact US today and find out how we can establish a funding program to meet your needs, and to help you keep True Commerce thriving.